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Field-proven completions in the isolation Packers patch.

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Firstly, Saltel provides one of the sturdiest annular isolation systems in the oil and gas packers patch.
You can deploy Saltel openhole packers singly or as part of an integrated completion. Our packers combine plastically deformable steel with composite elastomer skin. Subsequently, this provides an effective annular seal. It ensures a robust and permanent annulus barrier.
Nowadays, openhole isolation systems exceed demanding downhole requirements. By the way, the OH zonal isolation packers patch requires industry-recognized efficiency and dependability.
With smart completions and Extended reach, the market is changing. So is the annular well packers patch. Openhole packer systems are more and more solicited for annular isolation both on and offshore. Well completion designs are getting more complicated.

Moreover, wellbore environments are getting harsher. Indeed, advances in technology increased the demand for more versatile openhole isolation systems. In other words, our clients require better reliability to meet modern oilfield expectations.
Saltel Industries strives to meet these challenges. We settled rigorous testing and cutting-edge qualifications.
The ISO 14310 and API19OH are part of these.
No matter if you complete wells with fluctuating pressures or horizontal wells with HP stimulation. Saltel hydraulic openhole packer meet your needs.

Completing your wells with Xpandable Steel Packer.

Firstly, we continually innovate to keep up with new challenges.

Secondly, we have a dual expertise:

  • elastomer composites.
  • plastic deformation of steel.

This expertise offers field-proven oil and gas packers for well completions.

Consequently, our portfolio covers the following applications:

  • short-term isolation for high pressure stimulation.
  • annular cement integrity / cement backup.
  • permanent annular zonal isolation.

See also expandable steel, or open hole completion