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Xpandable steel ECP openhole isolation packer

Saltel Xpandable ECP – External Casing Packer

Saltel Xpandable external casing packer is a robust expandable stainless-steel device designed to set at low pressure to achieve zonal isolation. Saltel external casing packer can be used for any stage cementing operation, or to prevent fluid migration in the annulus.

The ECP sleeve is expanded between the casing and borehole by applying pressure in the casing. This pressure is transmitted through the expansion port to the external casing packer’s integral stainless-steel sleeve. As the sleeve expands, it conforms to the shape of the wellbore. A patented thin layer of bonded elastomer ensures sealing in irregular boreholes. The expanded sleeve also serves to centralize the casing string.

The ECP is built on a one-piece mandrel by welding or crimping with no hidden connections. Both ends are fixed and protect the expandable sleeve while running in hole. The robust construction allows the ECP to be rotated and worked through doglegs and tight spots; full casing characteristics are maintained.

Welded ECP

The expansion port features a one-way valve system that traps fluid inside the expanded sleeve to increase the differential pressure rating.

Crimped ECP

The expansion port features a valve system that permanently closes the port once the external casing packer is set and a predetermined pressure is reached. The activation pressure can be modified by replacing an easily accessible shear pin.

Valve safety feature

In both versions of the external casing packer, the expansion port also serves as a safety feature. If the external casing packer is expanded in front of a severe washout, the valve closes, preventing fluid loss.

ECP applications

Designed for cased holes and open hole completions, Xpandable ECP can be used in cementing operations. Cement backup, primary cement improvement, single-stage, multistage, or off-botttom cementing. The packer can also be used in specific annular isolation applications.

Why chosing Saltel Xpandable ECP?

Xpandable ECP provides an effective steel barrier between the casing and borehole. It prevents fluid migration in the annulus, eliminates cross-flow during cementation, and eliminates gas migration during cement setting. The external casing packer seals in any hole shape and condition, including oval, out of gauge, and irregular boreholes – this does not include severe washouts. The external casing packer maintains casing rating by avoiding extra connections or casing internal diameter reduction. It saves rig time with fast installation, on-demand expansion, and immediate sealing. Then, the external casing packer minimizes non productive time with robust construction that withstands reciprocation and rotation to pass through doglegs and tight spots.


Deep offshore completions

Saltel Expandable Steel Packers meet the requirements of most challenging applications such as deep offshore completions. Saltel Xpandable Steel open hole Packers allow permanent annular isolation.

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External Casing Packer

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