Expandable Steel Packers

Hydraulic set packers

Saltel Expandable Steel Packers technology includes a full range of Hydraulic set packers suitable for achieving annular zonal isolation in open hole and cased hole applications.

The Xpandable Steel Packer sets with internal tubing pressure. When reaching the predetermined pressure threshold, the Packer deforms smoothly against the formation or casing to create an annular metal barrier preventing migrations. The deformation is part of our expertise in expandable metal.

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Effective sealing guaranteed

The sealing in Expandable Steel Packers is achievable because of a layer of bonded elastomer on the outside of the metallic sleeve. The Packer will mold to the geometry of the borehole. In addition to mounting dynamic seals between the steel rings, an increase in sealing capacity and temperature rating is also possible. The end-fittings protect the expandable sleeve while running in the well.

Saltel Xpandable Hydraulic set Packer models and their applications

Tubing Packer

Openhole Packer or Cased Hole Packer selection.

Primary criteria will help you define which type of Expandable Steel Packers you need in your well.
Then, which product would best match your downhole requirement? Openhole or cased hole packer? Which setting and operating temperatures? How about your Differential Service Pressure Ratings (both internal & external) above and below the Stainless Steel External Tubing Packer? What is the maximum ID that should be set in, what is the Packer metallurgy and moreover, how does it operate within your well’s environment?

Completion Packer

What you know on Completion Packers…

Downhole sealing baffle

“What is a well Packer?” 

Essentially, a well-packer is a sealing device used during completions. In upper and lower completions, the packer isolates downhole pressure inside or outside the casing or tubing. Once set, it seals the annulus either in injection or production configurations.

Xpandable Steel Packer – The permanent zonal isolation barrier

Saltel Xpandable Steel Packers are permanent stainless steel annulus barriers. Also, Saltel metal packers act as baffles to seal selective annular zones for various purposes. 

Expandable Steel Packers-Tubing Packer
  • Prevent fluid or gas migrations in the annulus in long-term zonal isolation.
  • Split the reservoir interval into sections to fracture selected stages or for production purposes.
  • Compartmentalize pay zones for injection and acid treatment.
  • Act as a plug, in combination with cement in P&A applications.
  • Reinforce annular cement integrity
  • Allow cementing above lower completions or above loss zones 

The metal Packer essentially acts as an annular baffle to seal and ensure zone isolation. This seal is possible because of the metallic sleeve thickness and pressure-rated valves balancing the differential pressures ‘across’ (annulus-to-annulus), or ‘in-out’ (annulus-to-casing). 

Saltel metal Packers are rather critical in the completion string. They are permanent and are suitable for a wide range of annular isolation applications. There are various types and sizes of wellbore isolation packs, such as External Casing Packers (ECPs), Annular Zonal Isolation Packers (AZIPs), or FracPackers, depending on the wellbore or reservoir conditions.

The essential requirement of packers systems and associated tools relates to flow from or injection into the formation to or from the tubing string or production conduit. The Packer must enable efficient flow and must not restrict average production or injection flow.

Openhole Packer or Cased Hole Packer selection.

Primary criteria will help you define which type of Expandable Steel Packers you need in your well.

Completion Packer

Secondary criteria will help us best fitting to your application requirements: Openhole packer? Cased hole Packer? Temperature, Differential Service Pressure Ratings (internal & external) at the top and the bottom of the packer, Maximum ID, the Packer metallurgy and its compatibility with the environment of your well…

Permanent Packer

A permanent packer is a significant tool in the casing string.

Saltel Xpandable AZIP is a permanent packer. Once fixed around the casing by welding or crimping, the packer becomes part of the casing to set in situ and provide a permanent and effective seal in the annulus. Xpandable Steel AZIP packer’s objective is the selective isolation of annulus sections, in operations of completion, and production jobs.

Expandable Steel Packers - Permanent Packer

The AZIP packer is suitable for permanent annulus isolation applications. The packers are available for multiple casing and tubing sizes.
The Saltel Xpandable AZIP Packer, available in various configurations and materials, is specifically designed to meet downhole requirements and expectations. The expandable steel design and material provides a high-impact resistance compared to the competition, and a dependable seal, once expanded.

The AZIP Packer fits for numerous and different well environments. The packer displays up to 10,000 psi [69MPa] differential pressure rating, up to 302 degF [150 degC] temperature rating, and fits casing sizes going from 2-7/8 to 9-5/8in

Reservoir compartmentalization

Reservoir compartmentalization is one of the various existing applications in annulus zonal isolation.

By utilizing annular well packers, you can separate selective producing areas and seal the annulus for selective EOR purposes.

Once installed, they will provide an effective and permanent seal, granting better control of the production area.

Reservoir compartmentalization

The Xpandable AZIP packer (Annular Zonal Isolation Packer) is the robust (expandable steel) alternative to help compartmentalize the annulus in front of the reservoir. The AZIP steel sleeve expands when pressure is applied to the casing. It conforms to the real wellbore shape. A thin layer of bonded elastomer seals the borehole uneven surface (associated with expandable dynamic seals for temperatures above 250oF / 120oC).

External Casing Packer

Saltel Xpandable ECP – External Casing Packer

An expandable stainless-steel device designed for zone isolation, Saltel Xpandable external casing packer is a robust expandable stainless-steel device. Moreover, external casing packer can be used for any stage cementing operation, or to prevent fluid migration in the annulus.

Using pressure inside the casing, the external casing packer’s sleeve expands between it and the borehole.  The external casing packer’s integral stainless-steel sleeve transmits this pressure through the expansion port. As the sleeve expands, it conforms to the shape of the wellbore. A patented thin layer of bonded elastomer ensures sealing in irregular boreholes. The expanded sleeve also serves to centralize the casing string.

Saltel external casing packer is built on a one-piece mandrel by welding or crimping with no hidden connections. Both ends are fixed and protect the expandable sleeve while running in hole. Despite doglegs and tight spots, the robust design allows the external casing packer to remain intact.

Welded external casing packer

The expansion port features a one-way valve system that traps fluid inside the expanded sleeve to increase the differential pressure rating.

Crimped external casing packer

The expansion port features a valve system that permanently closes the port once the external casing packer is set and a predetermined pressure is reached.

Safety feature

In both versions of the external casing packer, the expansion port also serves as a safety feature. If the external casing packer is expanded in front of a severe washout, the valve closes, preventing fluid loss.

External casing packer applications 

Designed for cased holes and open hole completions, External Casing Packer (ECP) can be used in cementing operations. Such as cement backup, primary cement improvement, single-stage, multistage, or off-botttom cementing. The packer can also be used in specific annular isolation applications.

Why choose Saltel External Casing Packer (ECP)?

Saltel External Casing Packer (ECP) provides an effective steel barrier between the casing and borehole. It prevents fluid migration in the annulus, eliminates crossflow during cementation, and eliminates gas migration during cement setting. The external casing packer seals in any hole shape and condition, including oval, out-of-gauge, and irregular boreholes – this does not include severe washouts. The external casing packer maintains casing rating by avoiding extra connections or casing internal diameter reduction. It also saves rig time with fast installation, on-demand expansion, and immediate sealing. Then, the external casing packer minimizes non-productive time with robust construction that withstands reciprocation and rotation to pass through doglegs and tight spots.