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Expandable liner

Expandable liner

Numerous cases of cased wells end up with damaged casings. The well can fall in upon itself, and halt production.

Expandables can be used to isolate damaged casing or tubing sections, or to close unwanted sets of perforations, requiring to be completed again.

Expandables* can isolate a section of the well and overcome downhole issues, such as restoring tubular integrity in case of damaged casing or tubing, due to corrosion or bad drilling, or improving water or sand control within the well while closing sets of perforations.

Oil and gas wells require expandable tubular as remedial alternatives to overcome casing or tubing integrity issues. Most remedial inner lining solutions reduce the tubular internal diameter (ID) after installation, but Saltel Xpandable Patch offers top-notch post-setting IDs.

Saltel Industries is specialized in the plastic deformation of stainless steel, using hydraulic pressure. As regards Saltel Xpandable Steel Patch, the stainless-steel tube – covered with an elastomer skin is expanded using an inflatable packer, in numerous steps.

*An expandable tubular can be used also in the oil field to increase the diameter of a casing or a liner within a well, but Saltel does not offer solutions in this application