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Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Enhanced Oil Recovery has helped to dramatically improve the average recovery factor for typical mature oil fields around the world to 30 – 40%, giving us at present more than 50 years supply of oil. The different techniques used, including Water & Gas injection (WAG), polymer flooding, flow diversion, the use of surfactants, and steam injection for heavy oils (both Steal Assisted Gravity drainage – SAGD wells, and cyclic steam injection (CSS wells) will increase the life of a field. This sometimes requires modification to injection and/or production profiles, could introduce stresses which damage the casings or completions, and sometimes will require extending the life of a well by repairing erosion or corrosive damage.

Saltel Industries has developed a range of Expandable Steel Casing Patches with unique characteristics for resolving many of these problems. Set using an Inflatable Composite Element the Patches will create a this steel high pressure inner lining in casing to shut-off perforations, isolate specific zones, and restore casing integrity leaving a maximum through passage. Patches have even been developed for use in Steam Injection Wells at working temperatures of up to 335°C/635°F


Perforation Shut Off


Perforation shut off - enhanced oil recovery

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Modifying Injections Profile


Modifying injections profile  - enhanced oil recovery

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High Temp Remedial 


High Temp patch -  - enhanced oil recovery

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