p&a kit with open hole packer used as a plug

Xpandable steel external casing packer installed in P&A application – MEA

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Successful Xpandable Steel external casing packer (ECP) installation in Plug and Abandonment application – Middle East

The context

Successful Steel ECP installation in Plug and Abandonment application - Middle East

The client had challenging Plug and Abandonment requirements to isolate the water producing lower zone of a multilateral well, in 5-3/4in horizontal openhole section to produce oil flow rate from upper layer, and assess the reservoir quality to unlock future development opportunities.
The application required an isolation packer, part of a P&A kit, to isolate the water zone prior running upper completions. A large expansion ratio was necessary, however traditional inflatable packers were disqualified since they are subject to damage while RIH through high deviated holes and crossing sidetrack cut windows.
Schlumberger provided a robust alternative that enabled circulation and rotation during RIH, with very high torque capacity. Solid anchoring performance of the product once set was also mandatory, allowing to launch a mechanical release overpull in contingency plan mode of hydraulic release mechanism.


Set an effective open hole plug after running in aggressive conditions (cycles of overpull, rotation, circulation) through a cut window.


Saltel Steel ECP-W [welded] 4.5in was selected as a “rapid response” solution with custom connection design, and for its robust qualities.
Xpandable Steel External Casing Packers can rotate during running in hole, pass through cut windows with no integrity risk concerns on its packer element. The strong anchoring capabilities of this technology, and the slim RIH OD, facilitate its deployment.


  • The ECP was successfully set at 3,400 psi [234 bar].
  • Allowing rotation while RIH, the packer successfully withstood crossing cut windows without damage.
  • It took several attempts to release the setting tool and the ECP confirmed its robustness, withstanding multiple cycles of overpull (~60klbs), rotation and circulation without being affected.