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DV Tool Repair, USA

 frac port repair with ses pre-frac patch Zone USA

Application: onshore, 5.5in 17lb/ft casing

Date of the job: February 2013


Oil producer well

DV tool Repair

5.5in 17lb/ft casing  (ID= 4.892in / 124,26mm)

DV tool to repair @ 7 306ft / 2226,87m

Downhole temperature 130°F / 54°C

Conveyance: 2.375in 4.6lb/ft tubing

 DV Tool  


Leaking DV tool Isolation

Allow fracking of subsequent zones with pressures up to more than 14,500 PSI

Leave maximum clearance for frac plug.


SES Pre-Frac Patch 5.5in, Slimline, Stainless Steel

Patch length 19.73ft / 6,02m before expansion

RIH OD= 4.390in / 111,50mm

Operational Characteristics

Set Patch ID= 4.415in / 112,5mm

Expansion Pressure 4 622psi / 319bar

Patch length 18.98ft / 5,79m after expansion

Expansion duration: The patch was set in 12 steps


Good and safe job, the client was very satisfied with our work ethics and safety. Excellent job performance for efficient results: no problem with the frac or retrieving the plug afterwards. The SES Pre-frac Patch was successfully set.


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