Dedicated Softwares (Job Planners)

Dedicated Softwares (Job Planners)

All our jobs are simulated and prepared in our ‘job planners’ softwares. The job planners specific to SES Patch and SES Packers combine both the characteristics of the product to be installed, and the candidate well conditions.

During the operation the supervisor is guided by the job planners – an expert program anticipating on alternate solutions in case of downhole issues.

The supervisor in charge of the operation can thus perform the product setting with a perfect knowledge of how the product behaviour while being installed.

Internal software developed to simulate as per well condition the setting program.

We never forget that our customers come to us by choice. We listen, respond to their needs and aim to exceed their expectations.

  • Evaluation of customer’s needs
  • Standard and customized solutions
  • Quality control from design to installation
  • Skilled local experts and specialized flying squad
  • At the end of each job, evaluation of customer’s satisfaction