Corroded Casing Repair

Tubing Repair

Damaged Tubing

A sustained cycle of production might compromise the integrity of a tubing string. Mechanical fatigue, heat dilatation or corrosion can cause the appearance of damaged tubing or tubing leakage. Therefore, operators may resort to a workover or a tubing repair alternative.

Subsequently, from 4 ½in tubing size, Saltel tubing Patch can repair impairments. In addition, running a Patch eliminates the necessity to Pull-out-of-hole (POOH) the tubing. the Patch will minimize the downtime associated with a full workover operation.

Saltel Xpandable steel Patch for Tubing repair

Most importantly, Saltel expandable steel Tubing Patch restores the integrity of the damaged tubing. The Patch optimizes the well’s production and prevents fluid or gas migrations in the annulus.

Moreover, the Patch leaves large ID access to the well for most standard downhole tools.

Subsequently, Saltel Patch is a pressure-resistant inner-lining alternative preventing plug and abandonment decisions.