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Damaged Sand Screen Repair


Erosion is always a major concern in any screen installation.

Sand Screens can be damaged with sand migrating through the slots. Abrasion is the primary reason for screen failure, due to an excessive sand production.

Saltel patch can isolate these damaged sections and reduce or eliminate sand production. 


Saltel Patch is an alternative to reduce the sand production and stop the abrasive effect of the sand grains. The patch is made from a high quality stainless steel sleeve, with an outer profiled sealing cover.

Saltel Patch is run on tubing, drill pipe, or intelligent coiled tubing. At depth, it is expanded using a high pressure inflatable packer, and the sealing system is energised against the casing internal wall. The setting tools are then extracted to leave a resistant inner lining inside the well.
Once set, the patch acts as a diverter, molding the internal shape of the damaged screen, leaving large ID for running most standard downhole tools, and reduces the amount of sand produced.

In some cases, patches could be set in overlap to extend the length of the diverter.