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Cost Efficiency

Saltel Industries is organized to optimize the time and costs required for introducing new products to the market by deploying strict methodology.  This makes it possible to reduce uncertainty as much as feasible.

With its agility and high level of professionalism, Saltel Industries can develop, qualify and introduce new technologies to the market in a short time and at an optimized cost.

  • Agility makes it possible to offer innovative solutions by quickly adapting to customer requirements using short decision-making processes and a rigorous yet flexible project management system.
  • Structural costs which are lower than those of the large groups make it possible to develop and put new technologies on the market at distinctly lower cost.
  • The right to fail and to experiment helps the R&D teams make new developments possible with complete peace of mind. In a small organization, the concept of individual careers comes after the communal objective of technological success.
  • Professionalism must be at the same level as in large companies. Qualification processes are necessary to guarantee equipment operability and the safety of personnel.
  • Financial prudence and adaptability to customer requirements.  This is essential. As a priority, financial resources must be devoted to products which optimize customer needs and company objectives.