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Corroded Casing Repair

7 Damaged casing 150Oil and gas well casings and tubings are submitted to corrosive liquids and salted water. Metal oxidation can appear as from 6 months, due to the casing exposure to corrosive fluids. If not treated, a corroded casing or tubing might be a real danger for the environment. The casing corrosion causes leaks and migrations into the formation, that present serious risks of groundwater contamination. It also means drastic drops in the production. An underestimated case of corroded casing may certainly lead to workover operations or to a well plug and abandonment decision. 

Operators' options:

  • Plug and abandonment: For a well whose reservoirs could offer several years of production, To abandon a well due to casing corrosion isn't the best choice an operator should make. 
  • The workover: even it costs a lot of money, the workover is very useful to put a well back on production.
  • Casing repair with the Patch: Saltel Industries offers a Cost effective solution: repairing the corroded casing, thanks to Patch.