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Core Values & Company Culture

The main assets of our development and customer fulfilment ability, are our high level of technical expertise, our accurate understanding of our clients needs, the quality of the service provided, and our impressive reactivity; here are the pillars of our successful development, and our customer satisfaction.
Our company values provide the basis for behavior and cooperation between employees, and serve as a guide for client and partner relations.

Client Satisfaction

Looking for innovative technological solutions based on the flexibility and adaptability of our organization will enable us to offer solutions in line with customer requirements expressed or unexpressed.

It is essential to listen to the client in order to satisfy his real needs (fully identified or not). The flexibility of the organization enables reacting quickly.

Technology Excellence

Creativity and Innovation should be the main motors to satisfy client requirements, to propose solutions or services not directly expressed by the client.

This state of mind, centered on innovation, should be source of progress for the company.

Satisfied Employees

The employees are at the heart of the organization, and enable the company to satisfy the clients and develop the company. The company must create the conditions to make flourish: a genuine team spirit, individual satisfaction and the respect for each individual.

Welfare as a true commitment to our personnel, allows each one to enjoy working all together as one towards a common objective in a safe and secure environment to attain self-achievement for individual development , with the recognition of others.

Honesty & Respect for Others

Honesty, the respect for others, and honoring commitments to all partners.

Long term relationships, based on win-win solutions, are the best way to durably develop the company.

Financial Partners Fulfilment

The profitability of the company is essential to our growth and development. Financial partners and shareholders support the long term strategic vision of our company.

They accept the risks related to our own growth, mainly on the basis of developping our expandable steel technologies.