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Completion Module Repair


Saltel Patch is not designed only to meet mature well applications, it is also an answer to downhole issues in new well applications, such as repairing an ECP valve, a leaking DV Tool, a damaged Frac Port, or other hardware.

In new wells, the internal diameter is one major concern for operators, who may need to have access for other tools, or continue subsequent steps from interrupted Hydraulic Fracturing operations.

Saltel Patch repairs leaking completion modules such as DV tools, couplings, or frac ports.
This expandable short length of tubular is made from high quality stainless steel and an elastomer outer
skin with a profiled sealing system. The Patch is run on tubing, drill pipe, or coil tubing. At depth the Patch is
expanded using a high pressure inflatable packer, and pushed against the casing to activate the outer seals.
The setting tools are extracted to leave a pressure resistant inner lining inside the casing or a downhole tool.
Withstanding most hydraulic fracturing pressures, Saltel Expandable Steel Patches are an excellent solution
which will mold to the inner diameter of the dmaged hardware, to leave the largest possible ID for running
tools or optimising fracing or production rates.

Completion Module repair