Cementing Packer

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annulus cementing packer, cement packer, ECP

Annular cementing packers can fix numerous problems in cementing operations. They deliver better zone barriers for

  • horizontal completions
  • vertical completions
  • cased hole completions
  • open hole completions.

Deforming permanently stainless steel cementing packers reduces the danger of liquid or gas escaping through the cement in the annulus. This makes well construction safer and more cost-effective and decreases rig time and material needs.

Saltel Xpandable external casing packer. The annular cementing packer

Saltel ECP is a tough, expandable stainless steel packer capable of being set at low pressure to create a seal. It’s perfect for any cementing job, blocking any movement through the space.

Why choose Xpandable Steel external casing packer?

The external casing packer creates a steel barrier between the casing and borehole, blocks movement in the annulus, and prevents gas migration when cement sets.

The external casing packer seals various shapes and states of holes, such as oval, out-of-round, or irregular, while excluding severe washouts. Additionally, it maintains the casing’s integrity without extra connections or reductions in casing ID size.

The stainless steel annulus cementing packer offers multiple advantages, such as faster installation and on-demand expansion, which can help to save rig time. The packer provides immediate sealing once it is installed, thus providing a more efficient and cost-effective solution for cementing operations. Additionally, the stainless steel construction ensures that the packer is highly durable and resistant to corrosion, ensuring a longer service life.

The external casing packer reduces NPT significantly. Built tough, it can handle the strain of rotating and reciprocating, as well as tough doglegs, cutting windows, and tight spots.