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Open hole annular cement packers can solve many issues with cementing operations. The annulus cementing packer provides superior zonal isolation. This, in both simple and complex well environments. The deployment of expandable steel Packers mitigates the risks of fluid or gas migration through the cement. It simplifies the well construction process, and it provides significant cost savings. As a result, The Steel Packer alternative allows a substantial reduction of rig time and materials.

Saltel Xpandable external casing packer. The annular cement packer

Saltel external casing packer (ECP) is a robust, expandable stainless steel packer. We designed it to set at low pressure and achieve zonal isolation. You can use Saltel external casing packer for any cementing operation (cement backup, cement replacement…), preventing migrations through the annulus.

Why choose Xpandable Steel external casing packer?

Firstly, the external casing packer provides a significant steel barrier between the casing and the borehole. This cement packer prevents migrations in the annulus. It eliminates cross flow during cementing operations and eliminates gas migration when the cement sets.
Then, The external casing packer seals in various hole shapes and conditions. This includes ovalized, out of round, or irregular boreholes. (Severe washouts excluded).
Thirdly, our external casing packer preserves the casing characteristics. It avoids extra connections or casing ID reductions.
Besides, our annulus cementing packer saves rig time with fast installation, on-demand expansion, and immediate sealing.
Above all, the external casing packer minimizes non-productive time (NPT). Thanks to its robust construction, the external casing packer withstands reciprocation and rotation. It can overcome severe doglegs, cut windows, and tight spots.