Patch restores fiberglass lined tubing integrity.

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coupling repair with casing patch

Patch restores fiberglass lined tubing integrity.

Two 5.5in expandable steel patches repair leaking fiberglass-lined tubing and parted tubing section in a 17-year-old gas injector well. Saltel...

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Casing patch meets 3 different applications in the same well

A worldwide first for the “full-grip” casing patch, addressing new downhole application Continental Europe. The client required intervention services in...

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Casing Patch: 6th well completed in Southeast Asia

The team in southeast Asia just completed the sixth well of our gas-producing perforation shutoff campaign with Xpandable Steel Casing...

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Perforations shut off campaign in South East Asia

Already 3 wells completed with 12 casing patches Already three wells completed with Special-Sour-Service casing patches in South East Asia....

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casing patch isolates perforations

Casing patch isolates off-depth perforations

Saltel records another success in Latin America. Saltel Patch isolated two unwanted sets of perforations due to accidental activation of...

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gas shut off

Eight casing patches to isolate CO2-producing sets of perforation

Saltel Industries installed eight expandable steel Casing Patches in Latin America. The objective was to isolate excessive C02-producing sets of...

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saltel at spe icota well intervention conference

Join us at ICOTA well intervention conference 2019

Don't miss this unique opportunity to discover Saltel Expandable Steel Patch compatibility with smart coil tubing. Find us next 13-14th...

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saltel at adipec 2019

Join us at Adipec 2019

Join us at Adipec 2019 and discover unique and disrupting Xpandable Steel Packer technologies. Join us on Schlumberger stand #4330...

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Patch prevents sustained casing pressure before shale fracturing

In conjunction with squeeze, Saltel Xpandable patch cures sustained casing pressure (SCP) before multistage stimulation (MSS) Expandable steel Patch prevents...

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