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Saltel Patch Enables Cement Repair and Provides Fullbore Access to Continue Drilling

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Published on 16 July 2018

Perforations sealed with expandble steel patch, Eagle Ford


Repair of incomplete cement job requires perforations shutoff

In a new well in the Eagle Ford Shale, US, the cement between the 9-5/8in casing and the wellbore was incomplete, requiring perforation of the casing before re-cementing.

The major concern of the operator was to cover the perforations and then be able to pass through with the directional drilling BHA (2° bent-angle motor on a 8 3/8in drill bit). The depth of the zone to seal was 560 ft [170 m]. Setting a standard 9 5/8in patch was not possible due to the small ID of the set patch.

Customized manufacturing solution needed

After completing an analysis of the job, Saltel Industries manufactured a customized 9-5/8 in patch with the thinnest sealing element possible, reducing its thickness to 0.0509 in [1.5 mm] from the standard 0.088 in [2.25 mm]. Positioned by wireline and expanded within 2 hours, the patch was then pressure tested up to 1,500 psi [10.3 MPa] for half an hour.

Drilling operations continued after successful patch

The 8-3/8in drill bit and 2° motor bend passed through the customized 12 ft [4 m], 9-5/8in patch, and the well was successfully drilled as planned. In this specific case, the Saltel expandable steel patch was the only product capable of completing this operation effectively.


Manufacture and set a customized Saltel expandable steel patch at a depth of 560 ft [170 m].

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