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ICD repair in Saudi Arabia

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Published on 22 October 2019

Successful ICD shutoff with Xpandable Steel Patch in Saudi Arabia.

casing Patch covers damaged ICD
casing Patch covers damaged inflow control device (ICD)

Saltel has successfully installed 3 Xpandable Steel Patches across Inflow control devices (ICDs), to shut off water production zones.

The patches were run and set rigless, using Schlumberger ACTive Coiled Tubing.
The patch job was completed with zero non-productive time (NPT), and an exceptional service delivery performance.
The operation went smooth, and the final production results show clearly the efficiency of the products. The FSI logs show zero flow observed across the Patched ICDs!
As regards the client, the job is a 100% success: the total water production has been drastically reduced by 75%.

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