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Case Study : Pre-frac casing repair Permian Basin, USA

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Published on 13 July 2016

Pre-frac casing repair Permian Basin, USA


Pre-frac casing repair Permian Basin, USA

In a 46 stages Plug & Perf horizontal well, a casing leak appeared at 800ft while fracturing stage 3. The job objective was to set a patch holding a 8,500psi frac pressure. The client had to run 4.375in standard plugs through the patch once installed.


The solution was to cover the casing hole using a 5.5in Slimline patch.
Patch ID regarding a 5.5in – 17 lb/ft casing (Nominal = 4.892in / Drift = 4.767in) is 4.545in / 4.415in, allowing the client to run standard plugs.
Due to high wellhead pressure, the patch was set using a rig assist snubbing unit.
The patch was set in 2 hours and fully drifted to 4.41 in. Just after POOH, a plug was set below the patch to isolate it from the perforation sets below.
The patch successfully pressure tested at 8500psi.

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