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Case study - DV Tool & ECP Valve Repair, USA



On a Plug & Perf frac well, 7 in. casing on the vertical section with a 4.5 in. liner below, the annular casing packer was under-rated and the pressure test during the toe prepping operation created a leak on its safety valve, challenging the fracturing operation.

The objective was to cover the leaking ACP and the DV tool positioned directly above, considered as a potential weak point. Due to the high formation pressure, the patch needed a high collapse resistance. After drill out, the DV tool has a larger ID than the casing (7.4in) representing 20% more than the Nominal Casing ID. The patch has to withstand up to 17% deformation to make the seal against the casing ID. High pressure from the well pressure test and fracturing pressure will hydroform the patch to mold the inner profile of the DV Tool.

 A 40 ft (12 m) 7 in. Reinforced patch was selected for its high expansion ratio in the DV tool larger ID and for its collapse resistance. 

The Patch was positioned by wireline. A pup joint was placed in the work string above Saltel’s tools and the position correlated from the well gamma ray log with a CCL/GR.

Set in 2h & 45min, the Patch has been successfully pressure tested up to 9,600 psi


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