Case History Perforations Shut Off in Algeria

Case History Perforations Shut Off in Algeria

Application type: Perforations shut off

Casing: 7in x 29 lbs/ft Vertical well

Patch ID after setting:

Nominal: 5.63in | 142.95mm

Drift: 5.50in | 139.59

Temperature: 100°C | 212 °F

Depth: Perforations length from 3197m (10 489’) to 3212m (10 538’)

Patch setting pressure: 330bar | 4 789psi

Operation objectives:

To seal off perforations in a 7in casing #29 lbs/ft in an oil producer.

Perforations length 15m (49’). 7in SES Patch Reinforced 20.5m (pre-expansion length).

SES Patch has been set (post-expansion length 20.1m | 66ft).

A drilling Rig has been used for this operation.


Onsite welding of the patch was achieved without issue.

Non-standard length setting managed seamlessly

Post patch operations resumed immediately 


The SES Patch was successfully expanded in 26 steps and drifted to 135mm. The expansion process lasted 7 hours from safety meeting to drift control. No pressure test has been done due to other perforations in the well.