Can you replace a well casing

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Well casing repair with Xpandable Steel Patch.

can you replace a well casing

Can you replace a well casing?

Operators might be led during the life of well cycle to well casing repair choices. For instance, corrosive fluids can lead to casing wear, and corrosion can cause leaks in the well casing. Moreover, the microseismic activity can deteriorate well casings. When considering replacing a well casing, the client must cope with complicated and expensive workover. Saltel Casing Patch is one of the best alternatives to costly workovers. The casing patch guarantees the best internal diameter (ID) post-setting while extending the lifespan of the well. Saltel patch is now a robust field-proven solution to troubleshoot downhole erosion and corrosion issues – that usually compromise the well integrity. It is evident for operators to include it in their workover strategy to maximize wells’ life cycle.
Once installed, Xpandable steel Patch brings a solid added-value to the well integrity. It is efficiently economic compared to conventional workover operations. The patch combines smooth entry – chamfered extremities and maximized internal diameter for better flow-rates when the well is back to production.
You can convey Xpandable Steel Patch using a drilling rig, a workover rig, a snubbing unit, or a smart coiled tubing unit.