Ball and sleeve fracking

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Enhancing Multistage Stimulation with the Saltel Frac Packer


Ball and sleeve fracking is a popular method for conducting multistage stimulation in oil and gas wells. It involves the use of sliding sleeves and balls to pressure up and open stimulation ports in different annular sections of the wellbore. This technique enables more precise and efficient hydraulic fracturing. Saltel Industries has developed an innovative Frac Packer that is compatible with ball and sleeve fracking.

The Innovative Frac Packer

Saltel Xpandable Frac Packer is a multi-stage completion barrier that comes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of ball and sleeve fracking. The Frac Packer consists of an expandable sleeve that sets as a permanent barrier between the production casing and the formation. Each sleeve secures a section in the annulus and is able to handle high differential pressures in the annulus during selective hydraulic fracturing stages.

Benefits of the Frac Packer in ball and sleeve fracking

The Frac Packer’s unique design allows for several benefits in open hole ball-drop multistage stimulation. First and foremost, it enables more precise placement of hydraulic fracturing treatments. This improves access to the reservoir, as it allows setting in bigger washouts. Besides, the Frac Packer also helps to achieve better annular isolation and fracturing treatments under difficult sections of the wellbore. This, in turn, reduces the risk of undertreatment and results in improved well productivity. The Frac Packer streamlines the fracturing process, reducing operational costs.

Successful Deployment of the Frac Packer

The Saltel Frac Packer has been successfully deployed in a range of wells around the world. As a result, the Frac Packer in ball and sleeve fracking has demonstrated its ability to improve treatment precision and reduce operational costs. In each case, the Frac Packer has proven to be effective in improving well productivity and reducing operational costs.

A critical annular zonal isolation for ball and sleeve fracking

In conclusion, ball and sleeve fracking is an important technique for conducting multistage stimulation in oil and gas wells, and the Saltel Frac Packer is an innovative solution that can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of this method. The Frac Packer enables more precise treatment placement, better annular isolation, and streamlines the fracturing process. This, in turn, can help improve productivity and reduce operational costs. Likewise, the Frac Packer’s successful deployment in a range of wells worldwide is a testament to its effectiveness.