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Well intervention and workover

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The Importance of Well Intervention Services for Cost-Effective Field Development

Well intervention services companies are crucial for maintaining the production levels of oil or gas wells and achieving remedial objectives. These services, including workover operations, are performed by operators throughout the productive life of the wells. By optimizing oil or gas production, these maintenance operations are an essential investment in the life of the well. In fact, they are a significant part of the total field development costs. Therefore, reducing these costs with cost-effective alternatives can enhance the field economics and benefit the well intervention services company.

well intervention & workover

Saltel Xpandable Steel Patch: An Innovative Solution from a Well Intervention Services Company

Well intervention and workover operations are critical to meet the downhole requirements and maximize production levels. As a well intervention services company, Saltel Industries presents an innovative solution for perforation shut-off and repairing damaged or corroded casing – the Saltel Xpandable Steel Patch. This technology uses a thin-walled patch that can run on tubing or drill pipe, providing large ID access to the well and sealing significant differential pressures.
The patch can be conveyed through drilling or workover rigs, snubbing units, or coiled tubing and expands downhole in situ to create a high-pressure inner lining inside the casing. Originally designed for perforation shut-off, the Saltel Xpandable Patch meets a range of downhole requirements and can be used in various applications. With its effective working principles, this solution adds high value to well intervention services and exceeds current and future downhole requirements.

Saltel Expandable Steel Patch: New Applications for Well Intervention Services Company

The Saltel Expandable Steel Patch is a versatile solution for various well intervention operations. As a well intervention services company, we offer this innovative technology for a range of applications, including:

  • Completion module repair
  • ICD repair and damaged frac port or leaking DV tool repair
  • Mature well applications, such as leaking collar or damaged coupling repair
  • Enhanced oil recovery • Perforation shutoff • Water shut off and gas shut off • Modifying injection profiles
  • High-temperature remedial applications, including SAG-D and CSS remedial interventions
  • Standard completion repair applications, such as corroded casing repair, damaged tubing repair, and sand screen repair
  • Remedial cementation integrity

The Saltel Expandable Steel Patch can prevent blowouts and collapse of damaged strings, eliminating or reducing the need for major well workovers. One case study of well intervention in Algeria involved repairing a 13Cr tubing string with the patch, which proved to be the most reliable and cost-effective solution. With its effectiveness and versatility, the Saltel Expandable Steel Patch adds high value to well intervention services.