well intervention - casing patch

Well intervention and workover

Workover is an important part of the field development costs

Well intervention and workover operations performed are for maintenance purposes to keep production levels up and for remedial objectives. Operators mainly carry them out on oil or gas-producing wells at any step of their productive life. These oilfield maintenance operations aim at optimizing oil or gas production and keeping it to satisfactory levels. Well intervention operations mean essential investments in the life of the well. They represent a fundamental part of the total field development costs, indeed. Reducing these development expenses with cost-effective alternatives is a good option for increasing Field Economics.

well intervention & workover

Well intervention: Saltel Xpandable Steel Patch working principles

Well intervention and workover operations mean high Value-Added Services to exceed your current and future downhole requirements.
Saltel Industries presents an innovative remedial solution for perforation shut-off. Our technology involves using a thin-walled Patch that runs on the tubing or drill pipe, providing large ID access to the well below for packers and tubing anchors, while effectively sealing and holding significant differential pressures. The patch is conveyable through drilling or workover Rigs, Snubbing units, or Coiled tubing. Once it expands downhole in situ, it creates a high-pressure inner lining inside the casing. Although the Patch was originally designed for perforation shut-off, it is now also suitable for repairing short lengths of damaged or corroded casing. The Saltel Xpandable Patch meets a range of downhole requirements and can be used in several applications:

New Completion Repair Applications with casing patch

Mature well applications with casing patch

  • Leaking Collar or damaged coupling repair with Saltel Expandable Steel Patch.
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery.
  • High-Temperature Remedial applications.
    • SAG-D Remedial interventions with Saltel Expandable Steel High-Temperature Patch.
    • CSS Remedial interventions with Saltel Expandable Steel High-Temperature Patch.
  • Standard Completion Repair Applications.
  • Remedial Cementation Integrity (If a squeeze job is required, a complimentary patch can serve to isolate perforations after the squeeze job. The squeeze job can be successful in providing a cement barrier. In addition, the Patch will seal off the perforations. It will also protect the cement from both fluids and pressures in the wellbore. Therefore, the Patch will help secure the casing integrity).

Well Intervention with Saltel Patch prevents not only blowouts and collapse of the damaged strings, but it also eliminates or drastically reduces the need for a major well workover. Let’s take one of our case studies about well intervention in Algeria (Tubing Repair with Saltel Patch): “The workover of the 13Cr tubing string would have been very expensive and a tubing patch was the most reliable and cost-effective solution.”