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Completion tools repair with expandable steel casing patch technology

Saltel’s expandable steel Patch was designed to address a variety of downhole issues and restore completion equipment integrity. In addition to being suitable for mature well applications, it can also provide a solution for new well applications. For instance, it can be utilized to repair an External Casing Packer (ECP) valve, fix a leaking Diverter Tool (DV Tool), or restore a damaged Fracturing Port (Frac Port).

Moreover, this innovative solution can also be used to address other types of completion tool integrity restoration needs. By using the expandable steel Patch, operators can ensure that the completion equipment is functioning properly, thereby improving well performance and extending the well’s productive life. With its versatility and effectiveness, the expandable steel Patch is a valuable tool for operators seeking to optimize their completion operations and maintain equipment integrity.

Advantages of Saltel Expandable Steel Patches

Effective Solution for Completion equipment integrity

completion equipments repair

Saltel expandable steel patches are an effective solution for sealing off leaking or damaged sections in completion tools in wells. The patches provide a reliable and long-term solution and are highly resistant to corrosion and wear and tear.

Fills Irregularities and Gaps

The Saltel Expandable Steel Patch’s expandable feature is a key advantage in ensuring a secure and long-lasting seal. The patch is capable of molding to the shape of the casing or tubing, no matter how irregular, providing a custom fit that ensures proper sealing of the well. This customization makes it ideal for sealing off leaks or damages that are unique in shape and size, ensuring that the patch provides an effective solution. The patch is also quick and easy to apply once it reaches the target depth, making it a convenient solution for well operators. The expandable steel patch provides a permanent solution to completion equipment integrity issues, reducing the need for frequent repairs and improving the overall efficiency of the well. The patch’s durability and resistance to corrosives make it a reliable solution for well operators looking to protect their completion tools and ensure their longevity. 

Critical Factors in Repairing Completion Equipment

Internal Diameter of the Well

The internal diameter of a well is a crucial factor in drilling new wells and repairing damaged completion equipment. This is because the diameter determines the amount of space available for other tools and equipment to be used during different operations. In order for the well to be functional and safe, the internal diameter must be large enough to accommodate the expected pressure and load of any equipment or tools that will be used. This is particularly important when considering the use of tools such as completion tools, production strings, and other downhole equipment. If the internal diameter is too small, it may cause operational constraints and limit the types of equipment that can be used, which can negatively impact the productivity of the well. Therefore, careful consideration of the internal diameter is necessary in order to ensure that the well is safe and functional for all intended operations.

Fluid and Gas Flow

Having a well with a sufficient internal diameter is crucial for ensuring the efficient flow of fluid or gas through the well. This helps to prevent blockages and delays in production, which can negatively impact the productivity and profitability of the well. One of the key benefits of the Saltel Expandable Steel Patch is its large drift internal diameter, which is one of the largest in the market. This large diameter helps to ensure that the flow of fluid or gas through the well is not restricted. Additionally, the tapered ends of the patch further facilitate the flow, helping to reduce the risk of blockages or delays in production. These features make the Saltel Expandable Steel Patch a highly efficient and effective solution for well operators looking to maintain the integrity and productivity of their wells.