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Xpandable steel patch for effective water shut off 

Saltel expandable steel patch ensures effective water shut off. The casing patch eliminates or reduces the water production without restricting the wellbore access. It seals the perforated zone without restricting the production from the neighboring perforations. The patch Provides 100% effective seal even in damaged or worn casings.


Sealing unwanted perforations can eliminate expensive water production, optimize the Enhanced Oil Recovery techniques used, reduce gas production, or avoid cross flow (communication between 2 reservoirs). This technology can also be used when converting a producing well into an injector.


Saltel Patch is a permanent solution to unwanted shut-off perforations. This expandable short length of tubular comes up with high-quality stainless steel and elastomer outer skin with a profiled sealing system. Saltel Patch can be set with tubing, drill pipe, or smart coiled tubing. At depth, the Patch is expanded using a high-pressure inflatable packer and pushed against the casing to activate the outer seals. The setting tools are extracted to leave a pressure-resistant inner lining inside the well.

water shutoff with casing patch