high temperature well casing repair

SAGD well intervention

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Casing repair in SAGD wells

SAGD principle employs a pair of horizontal wells along the reservoir to produce the heavy oil. The upper well is continuously injecting high pressure vapor to heat the reservoir and reduce oil viscosity. At the same time, the heated oil drains into the lower well where it is pumped out.

Even if the vapor pressure and temperature is lower than CSS wells, reducing thermal stress on the casing stringleaking couplings and casing failures can occur. We adapted our technology to propose a remedial solution able to withstand high temperature and to seal high pressure in “out-of-zone” part of the well while being cost effective for operators.

casing repair in SAGD wells with Xpandable steel Patch


• High temperature conditions up to 300°C

• Seal evenly at high and low temperature

• Minimum impact on production rate to keep the well profitable

• No ageing concerns of materials used

• Cost effective solution


Saltel Expandable Steel High Temp Patch 300°C/572°F is a life of the well solution to repair thermal well with high pressure / high temperature conditions. The technology and the setting procedure are based on the standard SES Patch with some changes on the sealing design to fit the high temperature without using elastomer. (Our product was successfully qualified through SAGD conditions up to 300°C with no degradation detected).