Multistage cementing

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Allow cementing the annulus in two or more stages regardless of losses zones.


Low-pressure formations, high permeability zones, and very long casing string can make cementing operation difficult with standard cement slurry leading to significant cement losses and no return to the surface and insufficient annular integrity.


A Steel Packer combined with a Stage Collar is run as part of the casing string. The packer is positioned above the troublesome formation on a competent hole section. Once expanded, the packer provides active support for the cement, circulated through the stage collar up to surface. The robustness of our Steel Packer reduces the risk of damage during RIH, even in slim holes. Rotation of the string while running-in is allowed to ease the operation and the cement placement. The high expansion ratio ensures effective sealing even in washed-out boreholes.

_Xpandable steel ECP-C
Valve systemLock valve closing permanently packer expansion port, and trapping fluid inside packer
Sealing SystemDeformable corrosion-resistant alloy (CRA) sleeve with elastomer seal
ReliabilityLife of well valve system
PerformanceHigh DeltaP achieved with moderate setting pressures
Max DeltaP Up to 5,000 psi, lower for bigger sizes
Max Temp.250 degF - 120 degC
QualificationAPI 19 OH V2