Damaged Casing Repair

Damaged Casing Repair

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How a damaged casing will jeopardize your production


Damaged Casing Repair

Maintenance and repair of well tubular is a major concern for operators. The integrity of the casing string is indeed intimately linked to the production lifespan. Damaged casings mean both serious hazards to QHSE and potential jeopardy of production rates. Mature and new wells are both subject to such threats and may require an intervention. Damaged casing repair prevents not only blowouts, and the collapse of the damaged strings. But it can also eliminate the need for a major Workover.

Solution for damaged casing repair

Saltel expandable steel Casing Patch allows restoring casing integrity, optimizes the well’s production, and prevents fluid or gas migrations in the annulus. The Patch once set, leaves large ID access to the well for most standard downhole tools. Saltel Patch is a pressure-resistant inner lining that allows the end user to avoid plug and abandonment decisions.

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