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Casing while drilling

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casing while drilling

Run a Packer in Casing While Drilling (CwD), resisting severe conditions and sealing the annulus effectively

CwD Packer challenges

When drilling with casing into under-pressurized zones, it may be necessary to set a Packer almost instantly to prevent fluid loss into a formation and enable the correct cementing of the annulus.

Xpandable Steel Packer Solution

Running a hardened Steel Packer into the well as part of the casing string enables setting the Packer very quickly (dropping a plug). The packer installation seals immediately the losses below.
A stage tool can then be opened just above the Packer to cement successfully. Saltel Xpandable Steel AZIP (Annulus Zonal Isolation Packer) is the right solution to meet the requirements of casing drilling and resist the abrasion while circulating.
The full flush ID means the Packer is suitable for level 2 or level 3 Casing while Drilling. The same base casing is used, with no decrease in performance.