Off-Bottom Cementing above high-pressure completion

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Off-Bottom Cementing above high-pressure completion

Seal and cement above high-pressure lower completion Off-bottom cementing challenges Ensure high pressure resistant annular barrier Annulus cementing is essential...

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Improve and stimulate the existing fracture network with refrac system Challenge ReFracturing in the shale formation allows increasing the production...

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One-stage cementing

Seal in the annulus and isolate troublesome loss zone section Challenge A single stage cementing operation can be requested to...

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External Casing Packer

Primary cementing backup

Improve primary cementing, preventing gas or water channeling in cement Primary cement backup challenges Annulus cementing is essential as a...

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completion packer

Multistage cementing

Allow cementing the annulus in two or more stages regardless of losses zones. Challenge Low-pressure formations, high permeability zones, and...

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openhole packer_Sand screen isolation_uncemented completion

Sand screen isolation

Splitting long lengths of the annulus into shorter sections to improve flow control and prevent sand migration. Challenge Horizontal completions are...

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reservoir compartmentalization with open hole packer

Reservoir compartmentalization

Turn the reservoir into selective producing zones for better control Challenge When you need to isolate producing zones for selective EOR purposes,...

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acid stimulation with zonal isolation packers

Acid stimulation

Compartmentalized isolation with annulus packers for selective acid stimulation Challenge Matrix acidizing requires precise flow and pressure control. Saltel Expandable...

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Open Hole Multi Stage Fracturing

Frac Safer with expandable steel open hole Packer Challenge Openhole multistage (OHMS) fracturing guarantees improved production rates and recovery in...

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