Annulus Casing Packer – Sealing annular sections

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Saltel annulus casing packers are expandable steel barriers isolating annular sections

Saltel packers are stainless steel annulus casing barriers to isolate annulus sections.

Combining plastically deformable steel sleeves with composite elastomer skin guarantees an effective annular seal. It also ensures a robust and permanent annulus barrier.

Cementing applications

Saltel packers enhance cementing operations to guarantee a perfect annular integrity.

In such cases, Saltel external casing packer seals annular sections in cement insurance scenarios. (Sometimes in conjunction with cement stage tools)

  • Single stage cementing (Saltel Xpandable* – ECP – External casing packer).
  • Multiple stage cementing (Saltel Xpandable* – ECP).
  • Off-bottom cementing (Saltel Xpandable* – ECP).
  • Cement backup (Saltel Xpandable* – ECP).

Other applications

Xpandable Steel Packers can also operate in the following applications.

  • To isolate fracturing stages during openhole ball-drop multistage fracturing operations (Saltel Xpandable* – Frac Packer).
  • For long-term annulus zonal isolation requirements.
    • Reservoir compartmentalization (Saltel Xpandable* – AZIP – Annular Zonal Isolation Packer).
    • Acid stimulation (Saltel Xpandable* – AZIP).
    • Plug and abandonment (Saltel Xpandable* – AZIP).

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