Annulus Casing Packer – Sealing annular sections

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Saltel external casing packer or annulus casing packer is an expandable steel barrier that isolates annulus sections.

annulus casing packer

We slip our annulus casing packers over conventional tubing and casing joints. Once slipped around the tubing, they bond together the most common concentric string sizes. The annulus casing packer combines a plastically deformable stainless steel sleeve with a composite elastomer skin. As a result, you have a robust and permanent annulus barrier in situ.

Saltel annulus casing packer is a stainless steel annulus casing barrier. This barrier acts in oil and gas wells as a seal in the annulus to isolate injection or production compartments downhole. Some of our packers come up with up to 15,000 psi differential pressure rating. We use different valve systems to ensure this differential pressure compensation between two sections in the annulus. We qualify our packers per API 19 OH or ISO 14310 standards. Our packers can fit in cased hole and open hole applications.

Cementing applications

Seal the annulus even in ovalized boreholes

External casing packers (ECPs) are sturdy expandable steel seals. These annular seals are set at low pressures to ensure the annular zonal isolation. You can use our packers for any stage cementing operation or prevent the migration of fluids in the annulus. For example in applications with openhole stand-alone screen completions.

These Annulus Casing Packers use Saltel Xpandable expandable steel technology to improve sealing performance, especially in irregular boreholes.

Cement your lower completions with confidence

The ECP serves for cementing applications and creates a seal in annular sections. (Using our ECP with a cement stage collar is also possible.)

By applying pressure to the casing, the packer’s integral stainless steel sleeve is extended between the casing and borehole. As the sleeve expands, it has the ability to conform to the actual shape of the wellbore. The sleeve can seal even in irregular boreholes, thanks to its patented thin layer of bonded elastomer.

The larger sleeve also helps to keep the casing string in the middle. The packer has a one-piece mandrel that can be attached by welding or crimping, with no extra connections.. Both extremities are fixed and protect the expandable sleeve from tough RIH.

The robust construction of the packer allows its use even in tight spaces and doglegs. Likewise, It also maintains the full casing characteristics. This makes cementing operations easier and guarantees perfect annular integrity.

  • 1-stage cementing (Saltel Xpandable* – ECP – External casing packer).
  • Multiple stage cementing (Saltel Xpandable* – ECP – External casing packer).
  • Off bottom cementing (Saltel Xpandable* – ECP – External casing packer).
  • Cement backup applications, to improve the primary cementing (Saltel Xpandable* – ECP set in green cement).

Other applications

Xpandable Steel Packers might also operate in the following applications.

  • Isolating frac stages during OH ball-drop multistage frac ops (Saltel Xpandable* – Frac Packer ).
  • Long-term annulus zonal isolation requirements.
  • Allowing compartments in the reservoir (Saltel Xpandable* – AZIP – Annulus Zonal Isolation Packers).
  • Acid stimulation ops (Saltel Xpandable* – AZIP – Annulus Zonal Isolation Packer).
  • P&A applications (Saltel Xpandable* – AZIP – Annulus Zonal Isolation Packer).

What is a packer? See also in Slb oilfield glossary.