Annulus Casing Packer – Sealing annular sections

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Saltel external casing packer or annulus zonal isolation packer is an expandable steel barrier that isolates annulus sections.

Saltel annulus casing packer is a stainless steel annulus casing barrier that acts as a seal in the annulus to isolate injection or production compartments downhole.
The combination of a plastically-deformable stainless steel sleeve with a composite elastomer skin guarantees an effective annular seal. Once installed, the annulus casing packer also ensures a robust and permanent annulus barrier.

Cementing applications

Saltel packers enhance cementing operations and guarantee a perfect annular integrity.

In cases of cementing applications, Saltel external casing packer seals annular sections for cement insurance scenarios. (The packer might be installed in conjunction with a cement stage collar)

  • one-stage cementing (Saltel Xpandable* – ECP – External casing packer).
  • Multiple-stage cementing (Saltel Xpandable* – ECP).
  • Off bottom cementing (Saltel Xpandable* – ECP).
  • Cement backup (Saltel Xpandable* – ECP).

Other applications

Xpandable Steel Packers might also operate in the following applications.

  • To seal fracturing stages during openhole ball-drop multistage fracturing operations (Saltel Xpandable* – Frac Packer ).
  • Long-term annular zonal isolation requirements.
    • Reservoir compartmentalization (Saltel Xpandable* – AZIP – Annulus Zonal Isolation Packers).
    • Acid stimulation operations (Saltel Xpandable* – AZIP).
    • Plug and abandonment applications (Saltel Xpandable* – AZIP).

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