Being resilient in business continuity

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Published on 18 June 2021

When COVID-19 escalated from a regional crisis to a pandemic, companies worldwide rapidly strived to implement robust crisis management processes with emergency-response plans.
Many of them replicated some enhanced plans to respond, while for others, the term “pandemic” was a complete enigma for their business schedule and the many disruptions involved.

We all entered into an intensive period of continuous virtual meetings as leadership teams tried to keep or regain control as much as possible of their business activity. The immediate priority was securing employee and customer safety and health, followed by maintaining operational continuity, managing cash, helping suppliers, coordinating with authorities, looking towards a hopeful recovery phase.

Most companies, as well as authorities, quickly realized that they were not well prepared. The breathtaking speed with which the crisis unfolded meant companies had to improvise because the processes set out in their crisis response plans were simply too rigid and slow.
Despite all this disruption, we remained resilient and continued to market, develop, manufacture, deliver and install fit-for-basin expandable steel solutions. Saltel organization adapted to the sanitary fluctuations to continue to meet your various downhole expectations in remedial or annular isolation applications from day one.

The only reason we made it possible is because you never stopped requesting Saltel expandable steel solutions.
That’s the reason why we humbly say thank you for your continued trust and support.

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