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Middle East – Xpandable ECP reinforces primary cement barrier

A new case study is available. Saltel ECP isolates sustained casing pressure. 3 Xpandable Steel ECPs were installed in fresh...

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Casing Patches increase field productivity

After six years of production, our client, a major International Oil Company located in Southeast Asia, noticed an increase in...

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OHMS fracturing - FracPacker

10,000 psi OHMS fracturing completion successfully deployed in gas producer

Xpandable FracPacker allows reaching TD without issues in challenging gas well environment Middle East - Saltel Xpandable steel FracPacker 10K...

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Xpandable Azip effectively isolates CO₂ storage reservoir

North Sea: Saltel Xpandable Steel AZIP provides effective zonal isolation, allowing to inject CO₂ through sand screens into a deep...

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split casing

Casing split repair with casing patch

Unexpected casing split - The client experienced a pressure drop during stage 3 of a 60+ stage shale fracturing program...

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Relining a damaged casing section with Xpandable Steel Well Patch in a gas producer well

Another well Patch story - Saltel Industries marks another success with an expandable steel Patch, relining a damaged casing section...

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8 Patches in the same well

Latin America - Saltel Industries installed eight Xpandable Steel Patches to isolate excessive C02 producing sets of perforations in an...

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water shutoff with expandable steel patch

Casing Patch isolates perforations before completion with gravel pack

New success in Latin America: Casing Patch isolates perforations. The Patch successfully isolated unwanted perforations with a high water cut....

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Casing Patch: 6th well completed in Southeast Asia

The team in southeast Asia just completed the sixth well of our gas-producing perforation shutoff campaign with Xpandable Steel Casing...

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