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Totally Integrated Quality Policy

From the start of the Technology Development to the commercialization phase, the ISO 9001-2008 quality standard is applied to give the best products and services.

  • The Saltel Quality System is an integral part of the company culture.
  • Totally Integrated Quality Control and Traceability are applied at all stages, from marketing and the identification of client requirement, through conception, design, development and qualification.

The Saltel Industries Management and people commit to process of continuous improvement founded on company values and ethics.


Operation Excellence

We never forget that our customers come to us by choice. We listen, respond to their needs and aim to exceed their expectations.operation excellence 2

  • Evaluation of customer’s needs
  • Standard and customized solutions
  • Quality control from design to installation
  • Skilled local experts and specialized flying squad
  • For each job (at the end), evaluation of customer’s satisfaction

As an example of our commitment towards operational excellence, at the end of each job, a “job evaluation form” is signed by the client. The ranking given on three different axes are monthly compiled and examined in top management steering committees.

  • Operations process success
  • Personnel safety attitude and compliance with the standards
  • Client job Success vision

In case of customer claim, an incident is created in our extranet dedicated module and processed through an Identify / analyze / act / validate workflow. Any customer claim is also registered in our extranet CRM module.

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High HSE Standards

Safety is the first objective for any employees, customers, contractors and third parties associated with Saltel Industries’ business.

Through a strong process, the SWS (Safety – Welfare at Work – 5S) combines continuous improvement procedures and an ISO 9001 certified integrated management system, answering main supplier qualification programs such as ISN, Achilles, PICS...

Compliance with OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 is planned for 2015.

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Innovation & Strategy

Innovation, listening to customer need, agility and cost efficiency are the basis of our strategy

Saltel Industries is organised so as to optimise the time and costs for putting new products on the market by deploying strict methodology, making it possible to reduce uncertainty as much as possible.

With its agility and high level of professionalism, Saltel Industries can develop, qualify and put new technologies on the market in a short time at an optimised cost.

Twelve engineers and PhDs (mechanical engineers, metal materials and elastomers engineers) are working to develop new products and installation equipment.

38 patent families have been filed. The research teams work closely with production to design new technologies, which can be industrialised, quickly.

Thorough Qualification process. We apply the most stringent standards for the qualification of our products.
We are using specially designed tests facilities for the full qualification of our products under harsh and effective environment.

  •  Elastomer Laboratory
  •  Dummy Well: 6m vertical depth, 200°C, 350 bars
  •  2 Test Platforms which are ISO 14310 certified: 6m and 12m, 335°C, Pressures up to 20,000 psi, 560 tons axial load
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  • who we are saltel industries 2

Who we are


In 2004 Saltel Industries was created to develop a high performance "Inflatable Packer" for the oil and gas industry.

With an initially small staff to begin the company, the primary resources were devoted to the development of the inflatable packer. The initial self-financed research resulted in a product with remarkable qualities. Marketing of the new product began in 2006.

In the ensuing years, the business grew rapidly with the development of new products and services. Two subsidiaries, one in Canada (Edmonton, Alberta) and the other in the USA (Midland, Texas), were created in 2011. Three new subsidiaries were created in Australia, Argentina and Romania in 2013.

Each year the company devotes between 1.5M USD and 3M USD to research and development and owns 38 Families of Patents.

Its Inflatable Packers - originally manufactured exclusively for a major service company - withstand HP/HT conditions and frequent pressure cyclings before failure. More than 4,000 Inflatable Packers have been sold since 2006 with a 100% success ratio.

Its Expandable Steel Patches - used to optimize production, restore completion integrity and repair corroded casing - offer unique expansion and sealing performances. With a success ratio of 97% and a significant adaptability to highly different geometries, SES Patches are a unique and proprietary technology with no direct competition.

Since 2011, Saltel Industries has also developed a line of Expandable Steel Packers. For Shale Fracturing and low-end Stage Cementing, they provide – at the price of standard solutions – significantly better sealing properties. For high-end Stage Cementing, Zonal Isolation and Annulus Well Integrity, they meet the highest specifications.