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Upstream Downhole Applications
Drilling & Well Construction
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Upstream Downhole Applications
Expandable Steel Packers
Expandable Steel Patches

Created in 2004 and acquired in 2016 by Schlumberger, Saltel Industries is an upstream oil service company developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative solutions for downhole applications. Specialized in the plastic deformation of stainless steel tubulars and in high performance composite elastomers, Saltel Industries focuses on 2 main product lines: expandable steel patches (remedial services) and expandable steel packers (annular isolation for well completions)

Saltel Industries has developed its own test equipments to qualify their products under the most severe conditions and test standards.

  • Test equipment design and manufacturing for full scale and small scale product qualification
  • Vertical Dummy well
  • Test cells designed for ISO 14310 V3 and V0 test standard

Innovation is part of the company culture. Innovation and creativity of Saltel Industries R&D team is undeniable. The company has applied for numerous family patents since its creation and all the product ranges rely on strong and pioneer patents.

The creativity of our engineers is encouraged by the management. It is considered as the starting point for technological breaks for new products or applications.

Furthermore, Saltel Industries R&D engineers can engage resources to develop and test their concepts; there is a real “permission to fail”. The development of new concepts or new ideas often requires several design and test loops.

Saltel Industries has acquired and keeps acquiring strong R&D Know-Hows and excellence in developing innovative solutions for the Oil filed with regard to the clients’ needs.

RD casing patch external casing packers

Theoretical knowledge of raw components

  • Elastomers
  • Metals

Innovation, capacity and culture

  • Development of concepts
  • Concepts testing and validatio
  • IP

Product design

  • FEA and analytical analysis
  • Downhole equipment

Product qualification

  • Product prototyping (small scale and full scale)
  • Test cell design
  • Qualification standards

Involvement in manufacturing process

  • Manufacturing process
  • Quality plan

Support to the operations

  • Surface Equipment, Pumps, Containers
  • Product planners