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    Audits & Management Reviews

    Except for certification audits, Saltel Industries performs its own internal audits. We have four dedicated employees who are trained in internal audit techniques and fully certified as “ISO auditors”. Saltel Industries is also involved in a cross-company internal audit campaign.

    Every non-conformity found is reported and processed in our extranet incident module.

    Quality management reviews are conducted on a yearly basis. The previous year’s action plan and a general indicator table is used to drive the review. The result is a review/report which is available on the Saltel extranet. Process maturity is also evaluated during this review.

    Customer Satisfaction Management

    Customer Satisfaction ManagementCustomer satisfaction management depends on the products / services delivered. For our patch systems for example, it is collected directly at the end of each job and signed by the client at the bottom of the field ticket.

    The ranking given on three different axes (Operations process success, Personnel Safety Success and Client Success) are compiled and presented /examined in monthly top management steering committees.

    In case of customer claim, an incident is created in our extranet dedicated module and processed through an Identify / analyze / act / validate workflow. Any customer claim s also registered in our extranet CRM module.

    Down Hole and Surface Equipment Quality Policy

    The img-qp4down hole equipment are manufactured, controlled and tested by Saltel Industries before being put in the field with 100% traceability following. The high level of integration from Research to manufacturing optimizes the quality control.


    Quality Policy Generalities

    The Saltel Industries Quality System is an integral part of the company culture. From the start of the Technology Development Process to the commercialized product or service we apply the quality process of the ISO 9001 – 2015 quality standard to give the best products and services to our customers.

    Totally integrated quality control and traceability are applied throughout, from marketing and the identification of client requirement, through conception, design, development and qualification.

    The people involvement in quality, the fully integrated manufacturing, including integrated CAD, PLM, Computerized machining, CAM, and SAP system, as well as the in house manufacturing capacity shorten development time, optimize quality control, reduce dependence on sub-contractors, allow excellent reactivity and enable us to meet our customer’s expectations