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AZIP installation in Venezuela

Saltel zonal isolation packer in latin america

Successful Annulus Zonal Isolation Packer installation

Saltel AZIP installation in Venezuela has been a success. The client needed to isolate 2 producing zones with shale between, in the Boscàn field. They realized most of the water produced and fine migrations were generated from upper Boscan and the shale zone.

The openhole packer, a 51-2in AZIP-C 0-1 has been set below the shale to isolate the upper section and produce from the lower Boscàn only to increase the production and reverse the decline of the field production (Campo Boscàn).

The AZIP was 8in OD, it has been run through a 9.625in 47ppf casing and successfully installed in a 10in underreamed section at 9,599 ft depth using a straddle setting tool as part of a standalone completion including Quantum packer and Facsrite sand control screens.