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Case Histories

Products Location Application Title Download
Saltel FracPacker France Shale Fracturing Successful Open Hole Multistage Fracturing operations with Saltel FracPackers
Saltel Steel ECP Australia Stage Cementing Successful Stage Cementing Operations using SES ECP
Saltel Patch Democratic Republic of the Congo Perforations Shut off (Gas) +148% increase in oil production with Saltel Patch
Saltel Patch France Slotted Screen Repair (Gravel Pack Isolation) Water-well turbidity reduction in a slotted screen
Saltel Patch Algeria Tubing Repair Tubing Repair in a Gas Well Patch set with Coiled Tubing
Saltel Patch Onshore, USA Water well rehabilitation Water Well rehabilitation: Liner anchoring and sealing
Saltel Patch Onshore, USA Perforations Shut off Patch over Perforations before Drilling Operation
Saltel Patch Onshore, Democratic Republic Of Congo Perforations Shut off 118 ft - 36 m Expandable Steel Patch over 100 ft - 30 m casing perforations
Saltel Patch Onshore, USA DV Tool Repair External Casing Packer Valve Repair, USA
Saltel Patch Onshore, USA DV Tool Repair DV Tool & ECP Valve Repair, USA
Saltel Patch Onshore, Canada Frac Port Repair Frac Port Repair, Canada